LogixOne ERP’s procurement feature simplifies and fastens the transactions between you and your vendors/suppliers, making it cost effective and timely. Our user-friendly tools helps in saving the time and effort of your employees in handling contracts, managing resources and monitoring expenditure through real-time data.

Purchase Order Management

Create a customized procurement dashboard on LogixOne ERP that allows you to strengthen and simplify the management of all parts of your past, current and new orders.

Comprehensive analysis of purchasing patterns and spending with multi-dimensional reporting tools using schedule lines and open purchase requisition
Expansive purchasing insights through analysis of purchase orders, invoices, contracts and supplier performance
Streamlined operational control over past, current and future orders
Compliance to company's policies in transactions, order fulfillment, pricing agreements and more
Compatibility with LogixOne B2B Portal for well-rounded supply chain management
Approval notifications to fasten up execution of orders with the ability to redistribute workload
Simple and flexible set-up of approval rights across all stages of the procurement process
Central approval workflow system to reduce procurement costs
Increase catalog with fixed approval system across different offices, units and teams
Compliance with departments budgets and company policies through clearly defined approval system
Dynamic approval system included in LogixOne B2B Portal for seamless business relations


Define, automate and control approval stages of all your orders and related transactions with LogixOne ERP to maintain compliant approval process within your organization.

Contract Management

LogixOne ERP’s automated tools assist you in creating, managing and executing contracts with your suppliers/vendors/customers without wasting resources, time and energy.
Automated management of all types of procurement contracts and documents
Commodity procurement through commodity contracts with well-defined terms and conditions, automated price calculations, invoicing and more
Integrated collaboration with comprehensive and intelligent logistics solutions provided by LogixOne B2B Portal
Predictive contracts through analytics to improve your negotiation capabilities and proactive participation in contract fulfillment
Seamless relationship management and transparent communication with your contractors, suppliers and customers creating positive brand/company association in your respective industry