Placing orders directly on your selected suppliers for stock items or having a immediate access to current inventory levels is critical to fulfilling your customers needs on time.  The LogixOne integrated inventory management system enables you to send purchase orders to your qualified vendors, create and receive orders for stock items, manage inventory across various locations and to receive the orders into your system. The inventory management system also direct integration into a number of e-commerce systems meaning you can take orders directly online and then process these orders into jobs with ease.

LogixOne B2B Portal

LogixOne’s B2B Portal is designed to digitize, simplify and automate your orders, invoices and transactions with your suppliers, contractors and clients. The portal improves transparency between businesses and aims to create a seamless partnership between them in the exchange of goods of services.

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Increase accuracy in tracking and maintaining inventory levels
Automated prompts for routine inventory items counting
Filter and categorize inventory items on the basis of volumes, values and more
Thorough inbound and outbound logistics capabilities to manage open purchase orders and execute them on time
Customize your inventory management platform according to the nature and needs of your business and stakeholders
Advanced warehouse management capabilities to cater to warehouses of various sizes and complexities

Stock Level Inventory Adjustment

Maintain and manage stock levels at your warehouses and automate the order management and warehouse management processes to make adjustments to your stock level as and when required.

Periodic Inventory Counting

Periodic inventory counting and calculation is pivotal even if you have a solid tracking and replenishment system in place. LogixOne ERP conducts regular checks and keeps an accurate count on actual inventory levels – helping you save mightily on overhead costs.