Field Service Operators

The LogixOne ‘Operators’ module which is embedded within LogixOne CRM is where you create your field service operators.

Create Job ‘Events’

Create ‘one-time’ or reoccurring job events that contain job detail such as;

  • Service items
  • Job notes
  • Event notes
  • Time
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Attachments

Includes advanced functionality such as automated generation of events plus automated operator assignment.

You can even instantly create jobs from quotes.

Quickly create either one-time or re-occurring job events

Live Calender View

The color-coded live calendar enables you to visualise your Operators daily tasks from the one screen. You can select one operator or multiple it even shows the jobs that are completed and those that aren’t.

Live calendar view features are as follows.

  • Edit jobs
  • Drag and drop jobs
  • Color Code Operators
  • Filter jobs
  • View completed jobs
  • Advanced job search

Quickly visualise and modify your daily jobs in the ONE screen

Auto Job Events

Determining who is the best field service resource for a particular job can ften prove a challenge given the complexities of pre-existing jobs capabilities and proximity to other jobs for each operator.

Built into the LogixOne Scheduler is the ability to have LogixOne automatically determine which field service operator would be the most appropriate to complete the job.

Administration staff need to simply enter job details such as start time/start date, length and location and LogixOne will determine based on advanced analytics which would be the most appropriate operator to complete the job.

Live Mapping

Keeping track of your field service staff is paramount to ensuring an efficient service delivery business.

The LogixOne operator smart application provides live Geo tracking of field service operators back to the LogixOne Scheduler mapping system.

The mapping system also shows a range of information that can be used to manage the ongoing logistical process of your business:

  • Updating of daily jobs by status and operator.
  • Real time location of operators.
  • Filter based on job event status and operators.
  • Status information of operators.
  • Ability to map existing accounts and contacts.

Real time mapping of your operators and jobs.


Communicating with customers is extremely important for any field service management business. Keeping them updated with job information builds customer loyalty.

LogixOne enables integration of both SMS and telephony into the platform.

The SMS inbox module allows administration staff to send and receive SMS messages to contacts within the database plus automated workflow can be set to send automatic SMS messages based on almost any condition.

A range of telephony and hosted VoIP solutions can be integrated into the platform to make inbound caller ID simple as is outbound calling and call recording.

Communicate efficiently with customers directly using either EMAIL – SMS – Telephony

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