LogixOne ERP empowers your supply chain at both the manufacturing and distribution level, simplifying the complex processes of storage, delivery, warehouse processing, warehouse management, transportation, contracts, approvals, product handling, product tracking and decision making. Through a single platform, untangle, digitize and streamline all your logistics activities.


Create a concrete supply chain plan by analyzing demand in the market, matching with current supply and referring to sales forecasts with LogixOne ERP.

Calculate and predict demand through demand planning tools and keep track of any changes in demand instantly
Analysis of historical demand, open opportunities and sales forecasts as part of demand management
Generate monthly or weekly demand forecasts as a strong foundation for supply planning process
Solid supply management through planning a supply process to meet the demand generated
Create a multi-location supply plan to cater to customers and clients from across the world
Effective vendor management capabilities that strikes a fine balance between demand and supply for your offerings
Maintain balance between demand and supply through effective execution of purchase orders
Clearly defined supply chain pathway for your employees to execute orders without oversight or errors
Automated generation of transaction documents such as bills and invoices on execution of purchase orders
Simple order generation, in-transit tracking and status updates to carry out execution of orders seamlessly
Global outreach of your supply chain lines to various suppliers, vendors and customers on one platform


Execution of your supply chain plan in terms of carrying out purchase orders, payments, invoices, transfers and other transactions can be made easy and effective with LogixOne ERP.


Execution without effective collaboration between all stakeholders usually falls apart or causes delays, financial losses and misunderstanding. LogixOne ERP provides a platform where effective communication between all parties can help execute all your orders seamlessly.

Integration of collaboration and communication tools with your supply chain process to instill a sense of transparency in stakeholder transactions and relations
Accessible from anywhere and on any device, making you a globally competent organization
Communication through e-mails and notifications well-integrated with LogixOne B2B Portal
Manage and control access rights quickly according to the supplier, customer or client
Real-time tracking and communication from the time the order leaves your warehouse till it reaches its destination