LogixOne also contains a complete finance solution, including bank reconciliation, P&L, balance sheet, etc. Everything you need to run your business accessible by a single username and password.  Combining finance into LogixOne means that you enter data once from quotation, to invoice, to payments. The LogixOne system tracks every step, every detail in one convenient location. Since invoices can be scheduled to be sent directly at job completion, payments happen more quickly significantly improving cash flow.  Client and vendor payments are continuously recorded from LogixOne so that your Account’s finance position is accessible from a single view.If you already have a different accounting platform that you trust, that’s OK, we can connect the LogixOne Business Management System to it for seamless financial reports.

Modernized General Ledger

Multi functional and dynamic, a modernized general ledger provides finance professionals greater flexibility and functionality in their financial management processes such as reporting, auditing and analysis.

Eliminate and transform manual journal procedures and entries by allowing your clients to add modern general ledger transaction lines to invoices and bills
Automatic compatibility of your accounting methods and transaction procedures to that of your global clients with varying accounting standards of their own
Customize your transactions according to your clients in terms of approval process, permissions, audit procedure, audit trail and routing
Ensure your financial lines follow double-entry system of accounting across all your different segments such as product line, service delivery and more
Say goodbye to archaic practices such as data entry replication and errors in journal entries and corresponding amount with our automated accounting capabilities that efficiently handles complex transactions such as depreciation, amortization, revaluation, P&L allocations and more
Seamless subscription management with constant track on bills and invoices
Automated tax processing capabilities to stay on top of tax calculations on your invoices
Rigid compliance with accounting standards and practices across all your account receivables from clients
Accelerate and prioritize cash flow, minimize operating costs and mitigate bad debts to ensure your finance team focuses on generating profitability from all your transactions
Empower your customers and clients with self-service capabilities of accessing and handling purchase orders and payments
Get real-time view of your financial landscape with accounting reports, dashboards and KPI’s that cover invoice analysis, customer buying trends, deferred revenue and more

Account Receivables

Collections, collections management, invoice delivery and general AR transactions can be automated and streamlined with LogixOne ERP, ushering your collection processes into the 21st century.

Payment Management

Accommodate and manage various forms of customer payments such as online checkout or client invoices according to their preferences and seamlessly integrate your payments with LogixOne ERP and CRM to access payments history and information any time.
Allow card payments for all your recurring billings and offer various payments packages such as split and partial payments
Add important payments controls such as authentication, card verification, encryption and payment portal access
Diversify your payment options for your customers and clients with various credit card, debit card, PayPal and all modern electronic payment services around the globe
Compile all the payment options you offer on one platform to showcase your payment management flexibility - which creates a positive perception of your company
Provide multi-currency competencies in your payment modes so you don't limit yourself from transacting with clients and customers from the global marketplace