Many businesses deliver not only goods but services to their customers remotely but managing remote field service staff and their daily tasks is a challenge at the quietest of times.

From quote to job completion and invoicing, all information is entered once and synced to individual ‘operator’ apps for simple completion.

Operator application provides not only physical location of each job but service items as well.

Track operators physical location live using the integrated mapping feature and see visually jobs that are either completed or yet to be completed.

Insure safety and compliance by insisting operators complete daily start-shift reports.

LogixOne Operator turns your LogixOne CRM environment into a fully functional operations management system that enables you to create jobs and allocate them with ease to your field service ops team. What’s more it automates the creation of Invoices when tasks are completed via LogixOne Application. The backend allows you to create either single tasks or recurring events with ease for you operators and get a single calendar view of whats completed and what hasn’t. It also enables you to GEO locate your operators.

LogixOne Operator will create operational efficiency saving you time and money and help make your operations business more repeatable.

Product Highlight

Generate Operators or Resources

LogixOne operator module allows you to create individual operators.

Job Creation

Within LogixOne you can create Jobs’ based on your customer account and contact information.

Single or multiple recurring events

Each job can contain a single multiple ‘events’ and can be simple created using the LogixOne ‘Event Creator’ button and assigned to the appropriate operator.

Job Status

View the status of daily ‘events’ either from the ‘events’ dashboard or via the integrated mapping solution to get a quick
snap shot of which jobs remain un-completed.

Invoice Creation

Invoice is automatically created based on the completed service items quantities and the agreed customer pricing.

Client communication

LogixOne Operator provides various inbuilt communication tools to assist you in everything between job creation and job completion.

Operate Anytime from Anywhere

LogixOne Operator Apps can be used from anywhere in the world at anytime widening the outreach of your business globally.

Complete Customization

LogixOne Operator Apps are completely customizable in its features, layout and themes so you can view and access a tailor-made platform that ticks all your boxes.

How It Works

Create your job

Jobs can be created based on each customer account and site contact but can also be converted from a quote into a job. The job contains all of the necessary details for completion such as site location and service items (what needs to be done)

Create your operator events

Enter the event information either as a one time or recurring event, Eg. Job repeats every Monday at 1100 for the next 12 weeks

Sync events to allocated operator

Click the sync events button to send events to the allocated operator IOS or Android field application

Operator completes job

Operator navigates to job, completes the allocated service items and marks the job as complete syncing back LogixOne

Invoice is created

Invoice is automatically created based on the completed service items quantities and the agreed customer pricing. Invoices can be emailed directly to client or synced to 3rd party accounting platforms

Graphical Calendar View

View your operators in the visual color coded calendar that provides simply determination of jobs by Day, Week or Month and access advanced filters to such as “open” or “completed” jobs, show all of your operators, a select few or one at a time.

Live GEO Tracking

Get real time geographical view of not only where your jobs are but where your operators are. The mapping component of LogixOne Scheduler can be presented on a large screen and is color coded to see which jobs a re completed and which are still to be completed as well advanced filters to narrow your view.


Initial Setup and Training

LogixOne can help you configure and integrate the entire platform or you can do it yourself with our help.  The entire system can be tailored to meet your unique business process.

Operator App Customization

Pricing is based on the standard “LogixOne Operator” application but if required we can create custom modifications to the application to meet your unique business needs.

SMS Integration

Communicate with your customers via SMS or even WhatsApp to notify them of upcoming or completed jobs.

Third Party Accounting Platform

Integrate LogixOne into your existing accounting and finance tool to sync invoices, jobs, purchase orders and more.

Dashboard Reporting

Create dashboards that provide you with instance access to operator information such as “Number of jobs complete”, “Open jobs”, “Jobs invoiced” and more.